Getting Hired For Housekeeper Jobs


The demand for housekeeper jobs is steadily increasing every year. This is mainly due to the fact that the general working environment is becoming more demanding, leaving little time for domestic work. A housekeeper job encompasses various things aside from doing domestic cleanup such as commercial and medical cleaning. If you are applying for a housekeeper job, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of getting the job. Although experience and capability are the main clinchers, the things that are outlined below can help you stand out among other applicants for the job.

1. Practice at Home. Even if you do not have experience cleaning a hotel room or a hospital room, you can get a lot of practice from cleaning your own house. As you go by keeping your house tidy, you will learn organization skills and methods that can help you clean a certain area of your house such as the kitchen or the bathroom efficiently. There are also other lessons you can learn by practicing at home such as knowing which area of the house to clean first and what commercial or homemade cleaning agents can remove certain dirt and stains. In the interview, you can mention that you have a neat home and that you are the one doing the cleaning.

2. Take Advantage of Reference Letters. To have proof of experience, always ask for a reference letter to any house cleaning job you have done no matter if it is just a small cleaning task or a huge one. Keep a compilation of these reference letters and make sure you have it with you during the interview. Show the ones that are most related to the job you are applying for to the interviewer.

3. Establish a Network. Join a website or an organization for housekeepers. This way you can have friends and contacts in the industry. Not only can your network point you to the right direction when looking for a housekeeping job, it can also establish your reputation as a qualified and professional housekeeper.

4. Sell Yourself. In a professional yet friendly manner, tell the interviewer your expertise and experience. If you have dealt with a seemingly insurmountable cleaning task, talk about how you were able to accomplish the task. This will most likely impress the interviewer and will make them think that you are a resourceful person.

5. Ask Questions. By asking about what type of cleaning jobs you will most likely be required to perform, the expectations, and the cleaning schedules, the interviewer will know that you are serious about the job. Keeping silent all throughout the interview will not help you get the job.


Source by Morgan Ambrose